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Performance Notification

Performance Notification for the works of Garrett Byrnes.

Performances of works by Garrett Byrnes must be reported to Musica Cosmopolita or directly to ASCAP. Regardless of performance venue (concert hall, recital hall, auditorium, master-class setting, symposium, festival, etc.), reporting each performance provides the composer with an accurate performance record and ensures proper royalty crediting. Performances are the primary source of revenue for composers from their music. (Royalty payments do not cost the performer anything. They are collected and distributed by the composers’ performing rights organization through accredited performance venues where appropriate.) Your performance may also be listed on the Musica Cosmopolita website to help promote your event.

If you are scheduled to perform a work by Garrett Byrnes, please take a moment to fill out the short online performance notification form below. Your help in reporting performances is truly appreciated!

Please fill out as much information as you know.  Thank you.

Please submit separate notifications for multiple performances. Thank you.

Date of Performance:

Time of Performance (hh/mm):

Name of Hall/Venue:

Seating Capacity (Known or Estimate):


State, County or Provence:



Is/Was Admission being Charged?

Please List the Work(s) by Garrett Byrnes that is being performed:

Name of Presenter/Producer:

Presenter's E-Mail or Web Site:

Presenter Address and Phone:

If you would like to include a note for Musica Cosmopolita and/or Garrett Byrnes, please do so here:

Your E-mail:

Thank you for taking the time to inform us of your performance. Your help in keeping an updated performance record is truly appreciated. Good luck with your concert!

Programs are always welcome and greatly appreciated! If you are able to send an electronic copy (PDF) of the program, please attach it to an email addressed to info@musicacosmopolita.us.  To send a program by regular mail, please use the address listed on the contact page. Thank you very much!


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