Singing in the Shower — Why People Do It

Do you sing in the shower? It may sound silly when you say it out loud, and you may even be embarrassed to admit it. But you don’t have to be — most people actually indulge in this guilty pleasure.

When you’re taking a nice warm shower, you’re relaxed. People who are relaxed tend to feel happier, and so they tend to break out into the song in their hearts. If work or school or anything else have you down, give it a try. You’ll see just how much it cheers you up, and you’ll begin to understand why so many people are doing it.


There are health benefits too, because it does help you release stress. The release is similar to screaming out loud, but it’s far more socially acceptable, and definitely more fun.

But, aside from the fun of it, there is another reason why people sing in the shower. Have you ever noticed the acoustics while you’re singing your heart out? They’re amazing. You may have thought that was from the water, resonating the sound. But actually, it’s not! Sound reflects off of hard surfaces, like the tile and ceramic in your bathroom, and creates a sort of echo. This echo makes your voice sound better because it makes it sound more full. This fullness is what makes your voice wonderful inside the bathroom.

When you’re singing in the shower, your voice sounds better than if you’re singing in your bedroom. Your bedroom has softer furnishings, which don’t allow for the sound to resonate as well. So my suggestion, if you’re going to practice vocal warm ups in the shower, is to install a Rheem tankless water heater. At least that way, you’ll never find yourself getting chilly while you’re practicing. Or you could also try the musical water heater below, if you would like to have musical instruments to sing along to.

Of course, you don’t need to actually be in the shower to gain the benefits of these acoustics. Since it’s the tiles that are making you sound better, not the water, you can just be standing somewhere in the bathroom. Usually, individuals who choose to do this are singing to themselves in the bathroom mirror. Often singing into a toothbrush, or a hairbrush, or some other kind of brush. I’ve seen YouTube videos that involved fake microphones too, so anything is possible. I know it sounds silly, and it is, but it does happen.

Many professional vocalists also claim that they enjoy practicing in the shower. It’s common that professionals take full advantage of those acoustics. In fact, there are even recording studios that have installed the same type of tiling on the walls of their studio to get that same voice fullness sound effect.

Did you know that Weird Al Yankovic actually recorded his version of “My Bologna” in a bathroom? And he’s not the only one who recorded in this unorthodox space, either. Bjork did the same thing with one of the songs on his album “Debut”. More and more, people are realizing the benefits of the bathroom acoustics.

So the next time you take a warm shower, you might want to belt out a tune or two. Who knows, the finest sound you’ll ever hear just might be from yourself in your very own bathroom.

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