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Paris, France

Works by Garrett Byrnes

Many works offer audio and score samples, or notes about the piece.

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Orchestral & Large Ensemble Music
Chamber Music
Vocal Music
Solo Instrumental Music
Piano Music

*Please give audio samples a few moments to load; some take a little longer than others*

Orchestral & Large Ensemble Music

Capriccio Tempestoso for harp & orchestra (c. 10’, 2010)
Orchestra: 2-1 (doubling e.hn.)-2-1;  2-2-2-1;  timp., perc.,  harp solo;  strings
Commissioned by the Chicago Composers Orchestra
Notes about Capriccio Tempestoso  ||  Score Sample

 for harp & String Orchestra
(c. 6’, 2010)
Written in memory of Ceren Necipoğlu
Notes about Meditation  ||  Score Sample

La Chapelle d'Aiguilhe
: Concerto for Cello & Orchestra (c. 21’, 2008)
Orchestra: 2-2-2-2; 2-2-0-0; timp., cello solo; strings
Commissioned by, and dedicated to, Xavier Phillips & the Orchestre National des Pays de la Loire
Notes about La Chapelle d'Aiguilhe  ||  Score Sample

Solace (17’, 2005)
Orchestra: 3-3-3-3; 4-3-3-1; timp., 3 perc., pno./cel., harp, strings
Notes about Solace  ||  Score Sample
Listen to Solace:

Concerto for Piano & Chamber Orchestra (15’, 2003)
Piano Solo & Chamber Orchestra: 1111; 1111; 2 perc, hp, 2111
Commissioned by the Indiana University New Music Ensemble
Notes about the Concerto for Piano  ||  Score Sample
Listen to Concerto for Piano & Chamber Orchestra:

In a Moment of Simple Beauty
(For Constantin)
(4’, 2003)
Chamber Orchestra: 2222; 2000; 1 perc, hp; strings
Notes about In a Moment...  ||  Score Sample

The Stars Shall Look Not Down (16’, 2001)
9-part Flute Choir and Orchestra
2-2-2-2; 4-2-2-1; timp., 2 perc., strings;  [flute choir: 2 picc., 5 C fl., 1 alto fl., 1 bass fl.]
Commissioned by the Chesapeake Youth Repertory Orchestra & CYSO Flute Choir
Notes about the Piece  ||  Score Sample
Listen to excerpts from The Stars Shall Look Not Down:

Nor’easter (Study for Orchestra) (6’, 2001)
Orchestra: 3-3-3-3; 4-3-3-1; timp., 3 perc., harp, strings
Notes about Nor'easter  ||  Score Sample

Red Moon (8’, 2000)
Orchestra: 3-3-3-3; 4-3-3-1; 3 perc., harp, strings
Notes about Red Moon  ||  Score Sample
Listen to Red Moon:

Suite for String Orchestra
(12’, 2000)
Score Samples

Momentum (5’, 2000)
For wind ensemble
Notes about Momentum

The Flames of Imbolc (12’, 1999)
Orchestra: 3-3-3-3; 4-3-3-1; timp., 3 perc., strings
Notes about The Flames of Imbolc  ||  Score Sample
Listen to The Flames of Imbolc:

Episodes for String Orchestra (7’, 1998)
Arrangement of Episodes for String Quartet
Notes about Episodes for String Orchestra

Nordic Realms (Chamber Symphony No. 1) (20’, 1998 - withdrawn)
1-1-1-1; 2-1-0-0; 1 perc., strings

Concerto for Cello and Orchestra (22’, 1997 - withdrawn)
Cello Solo & Orchestra: 2-2-2-2; 4-3-3-1; 2 perc., harp, piano, strings

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Chamber Music

Leeds Devil Nocturne (c. 8’, 2011)
for flute (with optional piccolo) & piano
Commissioned for Mary Kay Fink & Nicholas Underhill by the Cleveland Chamber Collective

Devil in Moscow
(c. 15’, 2009)
for viola & harpsichord -- version for viola & piano available
Commissioned by the Allegmagnetti Duo through the generosity of the West Virginia University Foundation
Notes about Devil in Moscow  ||  Score Sample

(8’, 2008)
for wind quintet
Commissioned by the Alpha Lambda chapter of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity of Illinois Wesleyan University
Notes about Mosaics  ||  Score Sample

Manic Aggressive
 (5’, 2008)
Schadenfreude  (5’, 2008)
Voodoo Stomp  (5' - 8’, 2008)
Zephyr  (3’, 2008)
for flute, piano & string quartet
Commissioned by the 'New Music for a New Audience' project, inspired by traditional rock forms, and written for, and dedicated to, the Cleveland Chamber Collective
Notes about the Pieces  ||  Score Sample for Manic Aggressive
Listen to Manic Aggresive:

(16’, 2006;  revised 2009, c. 12')
for violin & harp
Commissioned by Harry A.F.M. Otten for Lavinia Meijer, and dedicated to him, Lavinia Meijer & Tjeerd Top
Notes about Villanelle  ||  Score Sample
Listen to the original 2006 version of Villanelle:

(13’, 2003)
for eight cellos
Commissioned by Florent Renard-Payen and the Tarab Cello Ensemble
Notes about Persist  ||  Score Sample
Listen to Persist:

Triptyclysm (16’, 2002)
for percussion trio
Commissioned by Tonus Percussion Group
Notes about Triptyclysm  ||  Score Sample
Listen to Triptyclysm:

Five Pieces for Cello & Piano
(c. 10’, 2002)
Notes about Five Pieces  ||  Score sample
Listen to "III. Quasi scherzando" from Five Pieces:

Little Suite for Two Violins
(7’, 2000)
Notes about Little Suite  ||  Score Sample

Three Pieces for Flute and Guitar
(7’, 1999)
Notes about Three Pieces  ||  Score sample
Listen to Three Pieces - 1:

Episodes for String Quartet
(8’, 1998)
Notes about Episodes  ||  Score Sample
Listen to "I. Agitated & Nervous" from Episodes:

Introduction & Scherzo
(7’, 1997)
for Violin & Cello
Notes about Introduction & Scherzo  ||  Score Sample

Introduction & Scherzo (7’, arranged 2002)
for String Quartet
Notes about Introduction & Scherzo  ||  Score sample

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Vocal Music

Moon Songs (c. 8’, 2011)
Songs for voice & harp
Text: Carl Sandburg
Movements: (1) Feather Lights   (2) Moonset   (3) I Sang  
(4) Child Moon   (5) Theme in Yellow   (6) Valley Song

Verse Surges Forth
(c. 9’, 2007; revised 2010)
Songs for alto voice & marimba
Text: Marina Tsvetaeva
Movements: (1) Gently, gently   (2) Verse Surges Forth   (3) I Kiss Them, the Crimson Leaves

Three Poems of Pablo Neruda (c. 10', 2007)
for soprano solo
Text: Pablo Neruda
Movements: (1) Air in the Stone   (2) The Turtle   (3) Word

(10’, 2006)
songs for soprano & guitar
Text: Carl Sandburg
Movements: (1) Whitelight   (2) Flux   (3) Fog   (4) Pool
Notes about Handfuls  ||  Score Sample
Listen to "Whitelight" from Handfuls:

Songs of the Sea
(15’, 2001)
Song cycle for tenor & piano
Text: Carl Sandburg, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Herman Melville
Movements: (1) Young Sea   (2) Four by the Clock   (3) Bones   (4) Fog   (5) Nantucket
Notes about Songs of the Sea  ||  Score Sample
Listen to "Young Sea" from Songs of the Sea:

Five Poems of James Wright
(15’, 2001)
for treble voice, english horn and cello
Movements: (1) The Jewel   (2) In Fear of Harvests   (3) I Was Afraid of Dying   (4) Rain   (5) A Breath of Air
Notes about Five Poems of James Wright  ||  Score Sample
Listen to "Rain" from Five Poems of James Wright:

Twilight Night
(5’, 1999)
for soprano & piano
Text: Christina Rossetti
Listen to Twilight Night:

Two Poems of Robert Frost
(9’, 1998)
for soprano, flute, vibraphone & cello
Movements: (1) Good Hours   (2) To the Thawing Wind

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Solo Instrumental Music

Valley of Butterflies (15’, 2011)
harp solo
Commissioned by Ceren Necipoğlu

(6’, 2009)
harp solo
Written for, and dedicated to, Lavinia Meijer
Notes about Sizzle  ||  Score Sample

Monemvasía Pebbles: four miniatures for flute solo
(4’, 2009)
flute solo
Notes about Monemvasía Pebbles  ||  Score Sample

(7’, 2006)
cello solo
Written for Florent Renard-Payen and the members of the Tarab Cello Ensemble
Notes about Sprocket!  ||  Score Sample

Desmodus Rotundus; or, Night of The Full Blue Moon (4’, 2004)
flute solo
Notes about Desmodus Rotundus  ||  Score Sample
Watch a performance of Desmodus Rotundus (YouTube video)
Listen to Desmodus Rotundus:

Ceol Báisteach Toirneach Tintreach
(12', 2004)
[Rain Thunder Lightning Music]
marimba solo
Notes about Ceol Báisteach...  ||  Score Sample

Amhrán Slán (5’, 2001)
harp solo
Written for, and dedicated to, Ceren Necipoğlu
Notes about Amhrán Slán  ||  Score Sample
*Recorded on the CD Ceren Necipoğlu: Bir Kitap Gibi by G. Ece Yavaş
Listen to Amhrán Slán:

Visions in Twilight
(8’, 2000)
harp solo
Written for, and dedicated to, Ceren Necipoğlu
Notes about Visions in Twilight  ||  Score Sample
*Recorded on the CD Visions by Lavinia Meijer
*Recorded on the CD Ceren Necipoğlu: Bir Kitap Gibi by Ceren Necipoğlu and Meriç Dönük
Visit the Ceren Necipoğlu dedication page
Listen to Visions in Twilight as performed by Ceren Necipoğlu:

Perpetual Moments
(8’, 2000)
guitar solo
Notes about Perpetual Moments  ||  Score Sample

Nanna's Lament (7’, 1999)
viola solo - (violin version available)
Notes about Nanna's Lament  ||  Score Sample
Listen to Nanna's Lament:

Sonata for Solo Violin
(8’, 1994)
Notes about Sonata for Solo Violin

Sonata for Solo Cello (7’, 1993)
Notes about Sonata for Solo Cello

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Piano Music

Bagatelle for L.v.B. (3’, 2011)
commissioned for the International Beethoven Project's 2011 Bagatelle Project

Cosmopolitan Etudes, Book 2 (No.'s 7, 8 & 9 complete - c. 12')
   No. 10
("Maelströms"; for consecutive descending intervals in one hand) - in progress
   No. 9
(for Intervals of the Seventh)  (c. 6', 2009)
   No. 8 (for softness while playing chords)  (c. 3', 2010)
   No. 7 (for the white keys alone)  (c. 3', 2004; revised 2006)
Notes about Cosmopolitan Etudes, Book 2  ||  Score Sample (of etudes 7, 8 and 9)

Album: Six Beginning & Intermediate Pieces
(8’, 2005)
Contents:  1) March  2) Scherzo  3) Romance  4) Waltz  5) Lullaby  6) Etude
Notes About the Album  ||  Score Sample

For Constantin
(4’, 2003)
Notes about For Constantin  ||  Score Sample
Listen to For Constantin:

Cosmopolitan Etudes, Book 1 (No.'s 1 - 6)
(10’, 2002)
Notes about Cosmopolitan Etudes, Book 1  ||  Score Sample

  1. Cosmopolitan Etude No. 1 — Click for audio sample [0:15]
  2. Cosmopolitan Etude No. 2 — Click for audio sample [0:11]
  3. Cosmopolitan Etude No. 3 — Click for audio sample [0:20]
  4. Cosmopolitan Etude No. 4 — Click for audio sample [0:18]
  5. Cosmopolitan Etude No. 5 — Click for audio sample [0:26]
  6. Cosmopolitan Etude No. 6 — Click for audio sample [0:19]

Abstra (c. 9’, 2002)
for piano and recorded sound (CD)
Notes about Abstra  ||  Score Sample
Listen to Abstra:

Peculiar Albatross
(c. 3’, 2001)
Notes about Peculiar Albatross  ||  Score Sample
Listen to Peculiar Albatross:

Allegro Risoluto
(c. 4’, 1995)
Notes about Allegro Risoluto  ||  Score Sample
Listen to Allegro Risoluto:

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